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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz Pepper Pen

Fixed price: $5.00

Pepper Shot 1/2 oz w/Auto Visor Clip

Fixed price: $5.00

Pepper Shot 2 oz Pepper Spray Fogger

Fixed price: $5.00

Pepper Shot 4 oz Pepper Spray Stream

Fixed price: $8.99

Stun Master® L'il Guy Black

Fixed price: $20.00
$20.00 Details!

Runt Black stun gun with flashlight and wrist strap disable pin

Fixed price: $20.99
$20.99 Details!

15 Million volt Stun Master Flashlight Stun Gun

Fixed price: $25.99
$25.99 Details!

BLK 1/2oz w/Leatherette Holster

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